Retail Bankruptcies and The Effects from Covid

If you walk through the streets of New York City, it is quickly evident that the Covid-19 Pandemic has taken not only toll on New Yorkers from a health perspective but from an economic perspective as well. From shuttered stores and restaurants, to the many “for lease” signs in locations that were the once home […]

Remote/Telephonic Hearings in Bankruptcy Court

There has never been a more convenient time to file for bankruptcy. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and until further notice, most court hearings and all 341(a) meeting of creditors are being conducted remotely by telephone. The 341(a) hearing is the mandatory court proceeding in which a court-appointed Trustee examines a debtor regarding […]

COVID & PPP Program Updates

New Funding for PPP Loans On April 23, 2020, a $484 billion coronavirus relief bill was passed by Congress that provided $320 billion for a second round of funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)  created by the CARES Act. The PPP was designed to help small businesses get through the COVID crisis and cover […]

Help for Small Businesses Affected by The Coronavirus Crisis

Over 1 million small businesses across the U.S have been significantly negatively affected by the Coronavirus Crisis. This economic devastation is particular severe locally in the New York City area with its high number of diverse small business. From restaurants, to small shop owners, to startup businesses, the economic pain is being felt throughout the […]

Help For Individuals During The Coronavirus Crisis

As of April 16,2020, twenty- two million Americans are out of work and have applied for unemployment benefits. The Coronavirus crisis has hit many industries hard: restaurants, bars, airlines, hospitality, live music, sports, movie theaters. Stay at home orders and the closure of non-essential businesses have taken an enormous toll on our economy with the […]