The Federal Wildcard Exemption

In a bankruptcy case, the property of the debtor is classified in one of two ways: exempt property and non-exempt property. Exempt property is the property the debtor is allowed to keep, while non-exempt property can potentially be liquidated and distributed to creditors. There are exemptions for a wide variety of personal property of the […]

Foreclosure: The Statute Of Limitations In New York

Although it has been seven plus years it seems like there is no end in sight for the foreclosure crisis affecting New York. One question that is now frequently being asked, is whether or not lenders have filed their foreclosure lawsuits in a timely manner. There is uncertainty to both homeowners and lenders as to […]

Post-Sandy Bankruptcies in Queens, NY

Over the past 12 month period, there were 3,800 consumer bankruptcy filings from residents living in Queens. The breakdown was: 3,436 Chapter 7, 363 Chapter 13 and only 1 Chapter 11. That’s one bankruptcy petition for every 591 people residing in Queens. During the recession, and almost one year after Hurricane Sandy, there are still […]

Foreclosure Help in New York

Are you facing foreclosure in New York? The first thing you should to is contact a foreclosure attorney. Just because the bank started the foreclosure process does not mean you have to lose your home. Typically, a foreclosure action takes approximately 1 to 2 years from the date the Summons and Complaint is filed. Homeowners that are […]

White Plains Bankruptcy Court

White Plains Bankruptcy Court Charles L. Brieant, Jr. United States Courthouse 300 Quarropas Street, 2nd Floor White Plains, NY 10601-4150 Phone 914-390-4060 Internet Web Site ECF Link

New York Bankruptcy Court

New York Bankruptcy Court Alexander Hamilton Custom House One Bowling Green, Room 615-3 New York, NY 10004 Phone 212-668-2870 Internet Web Site ECF Link